protection-lifecoverWe explore this area of cover during all our meetings with clients, as illness can leave clients with a financial headache too. We firstly look at what cover they have through work and ensure that the client knows the extent of this cover, as it may well be that work offers them exactly what they need.

In the event that their employer does not offer them the level of cover that they need, then we again look around the whole of market firstly to make sure the right priced product is found for them. We then explore with the client exactly how much they would need each month to pay their bills and ensure that if they had a family, that they did not go without. We would also build into this conversation any help that the state would provide so as to keep the client’s costs down. We would discuss areas, such as term of cover required, when the cover should start, if the payments should increase and again review this on a regular basis as all needs change from year to year.