Posted on Mar 30, 2020  | Tags: Evolve Financial Solutions, Mortgage Brokers, Ipswich, Suffolk

 Evolve Financial Solutions David Jenner

David Jenner has been a part of the Evolve family since February 2016; since then, his knowledge and expertise in all things 'mortgage related' has ensured David's abilities were matched throughout his progress within the company. 

David landed the role as Senior Mortgage Advisor in June 2018 and this allowed him to concentrate his efforts on the more challenging - and in his words 'more interesting' of cases. 

In 2020, David was again promoted, this time to company Training & Development Manager. With David's 10 years' experience of Mortgages within the New Build sector; throwing in many years of previous management within a photographic shop, David appeared the best candidate to develop the skills of our ever-growing business!

We're very proud of David's achievements and growth within the company and we're looking forward to seeing him excel and thrive in his new position!

But like anything, we can't just leave things at that - I have asked David a few questions, which he's kindly provided below.


Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extrovert?



What did you want to be when you grew up?

Formula One World Champion – I probably should have learnt to drive before I was 30!


What makes you feel accomplished? Either at work or in life!

Teaching myself to solve a Rubiks Cube.


What’s your favourite book / movie and why?

Book – 1984, I can’t count how many times I have read it.

Movie – Pulp Fiction, what a phenomenal no-sequential film with a brilliant soundtrack!


Consider your ideal weekend – what does it look like?

There is great little pub, in the middle of nowhere in North Wales that has a cottage next door, apart from the Pub and Cottage there are no houses for miles, no mobile phone signal, no wi-fi, completely isolated. We stayed for a few nights a couple of years ago, I’d love to go back!


What and where would be your dream holiday?

I’d love to have the time to drive a huge RV around the states, so many places I’d love to see!


Dogs or Cats?



What’s top on your bucket list?

Lots of places to see that I regret not ticking off already: Rome, St Petersburg, Budapest – The list goes on.


Where’s your favourite place in the entire world to go?

51°55'21.7"N 0°53'53.0"E


What’s your favourite song of the moment?

Waterloo Sunset, it might not count as it hasn’t been new for decades, but it’s new to me and is probably my most played Spotify track this year!


......And your favourite hobby?

I really enjoy Brewing, something I need to get back into.


What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Winds strong enough to close the Orwell Bridge


What’s your biggest work accomplishment?

Helping people to buy their home is a actually a really great profession to involved be in, I am sure every Advisor will have cases they have placed where the clients have given up hope and yet a solution is still found. No better feeling for me.


What’s your greatest fear?

Leaving the Iron switched on… My family can’t count the times I have rung to double check I have switched it off (it’s always off…)


List 3 things you value in a person!

Modesty, sense of humour and being able to put quickly put people at ease.


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I wish I could spell better, I keep the Spell Checking people employed!


What’s the one thing you wished you knew how to do?

Service my own car.


 Good Luck in your new role David!!