Relocation - The Evolve guide

Finding the right home is one thing, but finding the right area is quite another. In fact, even a dream home can turn into a bit of a nightmare if you find you are struggling to warm to the area around it. And while Rightmove might be an amazing resource for finding houses, it falls flat when helping you assess the merits of different locations. So if you’re still mulling over the right area for you to set down fresh roots, then read on, because we’ve got some great advice on narrowing down your options, and making the right decision.

Do I need income protection insurance...?

Are you a working age adult and concerned about what would happen if injury or illness meant you couldn’t work for a long period of time? For the many people who can’t rely on their employer’s sick pay allowance to cover their expenses and financial commitments, income protection cover offers peace of mind. However, there are many different policies out there, and each differs on how much money you would be entitled to, over what lengths of time, and for what reasons. So if you are considering income protection insurance, read on to discover how it works, and what Evolve can do to help you get a great deal.

Are interest only mortgages ever a good idea?

With lower monthly payments than a standard product, an interest only mortgage can sound like an enticing proposition. However, as if often the case, what seems great in the short-term can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Buying a new-build property

As experts at finding the right mortgage solutions and specialists in new build mortgages this handy guide discusses what you need to know about new build mortgages.....

You've found your dream home! Now what?

Now you’ve found your ideal property, what comes next?

The 'Help to Buy' scheme has changed - what you need to know....

The Governments 'Help to Buy' scheme has changed, further information can be found here....

Beyond a mortgage, what else do property buyers need to consider?

After the excitement of finding your new home - what next? What should you prioritise and plan for as well as the mortgage prep?

6 ways to refresh your home for Spring

The clocks are changing, winter is ending - whether you're staying or moving make sure your home is one you want to come home to with our 6 ways to refresh your home for spring.